Hindi, Urdu: cchailva, chhail-alvelvaa, chailavaa

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I am assuming those words are all related to cchail, a handsome young man, a dandy, with dashing looks

So, "chhailvaa" or "chhailavaa" is a playful alliteration of "chhail", and "alvelvaa" is (perhaps) an echo-word for "chhailvaa"?
Or is cchail-alvelvaa is a common pair, as chhail-chhabiilla is, as suggested in that thread?

Could someone orient me on what's going on with these words?

Examples in songs:

"Aaj Mere Mann Mein Sakhi" (from the 1952 Indian movie "Aan") [Youtube JwPw5RRgy2Y 0:58]

aaj mere man meN, sakhii, baaNsurii bajaae koii
pyaar bhare giit sakhii, baar baar gaae koii
koii chhailvaa ho, koii albelvaa ho koii chhailvaa ho!

"Mundari" (form Coke Studio Pakistan Season 4) [Youtube: 5IMHuCKp9TA at 6:58]

muNdrii morii kaahe ko
chhiin laaeN, chhailavaa?
kahaa kiyo maiN toraa?

[Side note: the "Aan" video clip is worth watching, just to appreciate the efforts made by the actors at the script-required swimming and horse-riding, respectively. I love it :)! ]
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    Well, "albelvaa" is no echo-word, it seems Bhojpuri.

    albelaa in HIndi is pretty much the same as cchail, someone (a man) beautiful in a baroque, foppish, dandy way. It also gives "albelapaan" = foppiness, laziness.
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