Hindi, Urdu: chhaayaa samaa


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What is "chhaayaa samaa", when applied to the rain, the seasons, the atmosphere, etc?

For example in the song: "Yeh Rat Ashikana" from the movie "Naya Andaz:
yeh raat aashikaanaa / chhaayaa samaa suhaanaa ...

Or in the song "Koi Ladki Hai" from the movie "Dil To Pagal Hai":
chhaayaa samaa kitnaa pyaaraa / saavan kaa samjho ishaaraa

Is it something like "the canopy of the sky"? The weather? A shelter/shadow?
What does it mean literally?

Thanks in advance
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    that "the atmosphere (of some kind) is all set" - for example, "chhaayaa samaa kitnaa pyaaraa" would be how lovely an atmosphere, ambience has set itself around us.


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    I think part of the confusion may be that 'samaa' is often translated as 'sky'? But sky is also 'atmosphere', so it's used both ways, I think? It also means 'time', and there are a few homonyms, just to make it interesting. :)

    You can see it here in the Hindi Shabdsaagar (I put all the masculine noun versions because that's how it's conjugated in the song):

    समाँ samām̐ संज्ञा पुं० [सं० समय] समय । वक्त ।
    मुहा०समाँ बँधना =(संगीत आदि कार्यों का) इतनी उत्तमता से होना कि सब लोग स्तब्ध हो जायँ । समाँ बाँधना= (संगीत आदि में) रंग जमाना या श्रोताओं पर प्रभाव डालना ।
    २. मौसिम । ऋतु । ३. बहार । आनंद । ४. चमक दमक । सजधज ।
    समाँ samām̐ संज्ञा पुं० [अ०] नजारा । दृश्य [को०] ।
    समा samā संज्ञा पुं० [सं० समय] दे० 'समाँ' ।
    समा samā संज्ञा पुं० [अ०] अंबर । आकाश । गगन [को०] ।