Hindi, Urdu: difference between participles used adjectivally


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I am trying to understand the difference of meaning between the perfect and present participles, used adjectivally.

If I said, for example:

1.Daraa huaa laRkaa rone lagaa
2.laRkaa Dartaa huaa rone lagaa

1. would mean that the boy, after (and maybe as a consecuence of) being frightened, started crying, while
2. means that the boy started crying just "frightened" but with no idea of a perfected, completed frightening action before?

(BTW, I am not sure if those sentences are valid, I just made them up)
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    The second sentence sounds off to me.

    I'd say something like "laRkaa Darkar rone lagaa" (the boy got scared and cried) or "laRkaa Darte-Darte ro paRaa" (the scared boy began crying)

    Not a native though so could be wrong.


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    While grammatically fine, laRkaa Dartaa huaa rone lagaa is a strange sentence: it would mean "while getting frightened, the boy started to cry." Now that's a strange one. "laRkaa Darte-Darte ro paRaa" is also strange for the same reason, though still less strange than your second sentence.
    Your first sentence was of course fine: the boy who was already in a frightened state started to cry.

    @Pokeflute jii's suggestion of "laRkaa Dar kar (or Dar ke) rone lagaa" (or "ro gayaa") is fine.

    Note that the problem in your sentence is because the usage of "Darnaa" in this way does not make sense. With some other word, the present participle could have been used as an adjective without making little sense.