Hindi/Urdu: GhooNt (gulp) pronunciation


Urdu, Punjabi - Pakistan
One of my favorite Bollywood songs last year was 'Suraj Dooba Hai', in which the lines were:

Sooraj dooba hai yaaro,
Do ghooNt nashe ke maaro
Raste bhula do saare ghar-baar ke

However, when I listen to it, I don't hear ghooNt pronounced the way I have normally heard it (i.e. with a nasalized N sound). It just sounds like ghoot. Am I just imagining things or is this just an alternative pronunciation of the word in Hindi/Urdu. It sounds sort of similar to the Punjabi version, which does not have a nasalized N sound, but also does not have the gh sound either. Thoughts?
  • I am not sure of how they pronounce it in the song, but "ghooT" is a nonexistent pronunciation in Hindi as far as I have heard it. It's always "ghooNT".