Hindi/Urdu: Gulle ki begi, begi ka gulla

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    Good morning everybody! :)
    Please, I need the translation of this, thank you so much in advance! :)

    Pehle woh boli phir main bola...
    Gulle ki begi, begi ka gulla
    Jab tambu khola tab khullam khulla
    Chatak chatak dil chatak chatak dil
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    Child of the world
    First she talks then I talk,
    Jack’s queen or queen’s jack
    When open the tent, then publicly open
    Crack crack heart crack crack heart
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    اُردو Urdu
    gullaa=Ghulaam غلام
    begii=begam/begum بیگم

    These are card figures.
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    India - Hindi & English
    To repeat what's already said in post 3, Gulla is the Jack of cards, and Begi is the Queen.
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    Punjabi, Urdu پنجابی، اردو
    viggo_sanlorenzo SaaHibah, it is helpful if some context is provided and then as a consequence, forum friends can provide a more accurate translation. By the way, do you know some Urdu and Hindi?

    I shall make an attempt at translating these lines, with a bit of poetic licence! I am uncertain as to whether the words are "jab tanbuu kholaa" (when someone opened the tent.) or "jab tanbuu khulaa" (when the tent opened). In the first one, someone has opened the tent while in the second version the agent is not important. In fact, the agent is not mentioned even in the first version.

    khullam khullaa = openly, all out in the open

    chaTak chaTak dil...

    chaTaknaa or chaTaxnaa is a verb which describes a bud opening up, sprouting, blossoming. The writer is suggesting here that the hearts are full of joy and opening up like buds.

    First she spoke, then I spak*
    Jack’s Queen, Queen’s Jack
    Opened the tent and in the open, it was all out
    Hearts began to sprout, hearts began to sprout

    or may be..

    First she spoke, then I spak*
    Jack’s Queen, Queen’s Jack
    I opened the tent and quite openly in the room
    Hearts began to bloom, hearts began to bloom

    * spake/spak are older forms of "spoke"
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