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I can't think of a "nice" way to say ".. is about to.." in Hindi/Urdu, except using "ki tayyaaree" Let's take an example.

The sentence "My sister is about to go to the shop"

In Gujarati, this would be "Maari bahen abhi dukaan maa javaani che"
literally: "My sister, now, in the shop, is going"

In Hindi/Urdu, the only thing I can think of is "Meri bahen dukaan mai jaane ki tayyaree karti hain"

but that sort of means "My sister is getting ready to go to the shop"

I'm sure there is probably more than one way, because in Gujarati, to say something like "My battery is about to finish" you would say "Maari battery puri thawaa aaivi che".. for which it would be difficult to give a literal translation. Maybe we could say "My batter is coming towards finishing" (that's the closest literal translation)

So, in Hindi/Urdu?
I'm sure I'm going to kick myself when I read the replies lol. :D

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