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What is the meaning of jaaveda(h), as used, for example, in several Bollywood songs titled "Javeda Zindagi".

Example extract from of one of them [Youtube= y41Dqcpzr-Y at 1:54]

tose nainaa laage milii roshnii
tose man jo laagaa milii ziNdagii
mohbbat to ek jaavedaa(h) ziNdagii hai

In Urdu, I found jaavedaanah, which seems to be both and adjective and and adverb (eternal/eternally).
I guess it means something like "life eternal" or "eternally one life"? If and adjective, it should be invariable, as ziNdagii is feminine.

"tose", "laagnaa" suggest some dialectal ambiance. Maybe jaavedah is also dialectal?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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    It must be “jaavidaaN”, which is a pronunciation variant of “jaavidaan”. Entry from Platts:

    P جاودان jāwidān. = P جاود jāwid = P جاودانه jāwidāna [Zend yavaê(dat. of yu)+tãṭ; cf. S. यावत], adj. Perpetual, eternal everlasting; — jāwidān, jāwidāna, adv. Perpetually, eternally, for ever, always.

    Also see this: Urdu, Hindi: haaN-meN-haaN milnaa
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    If you're talking of the excellent song from the film Anwar (the film is full of good songs), the singer does sing "jaavedaa(h)" - and @desi4life jii has already answered your question.

    "toh se" - tere se, tujh se
    "laagnaa, laage" - "lagnaa, lage"