Hindi, Urdu: kaaNTaa maaNge na paanii

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What does the expression "(tera) kaaNTaa (or khaata?) maaNge, na paanii" mean?

I found it in the Kavita Krishnamurti's song "Hawa Hawai" from the movie "Mister India" [3:15]

maiN huuN saaNpoN kii raanii / kaaNTaa maaNge na paanii
saagar se motii chiinuuN / diipak se jyoti chiinuuN

Of, for example, in the song "Dilbar Jani" from the movie "India's most wanted" [0:00]

teraa kaaNTaa maaNge na paanii
oh, dilbar jani!

Does it mean "I won't settle for less" or something like that?
  • Frau Moore

    Monsieur Gonzalito, I also didn´t hear or read this expression before, but that´s what I found in Platts´dictionary:

    pānī na māṅgnā, v.n. To die instantly or suddenly (i.e. without having time to ask for water to cool one's dying lips); to be slain with a single stroke of a sword, &c.:

    And it´s probably not kaaNTaa but काटा, bitten. In a sentence with a serpent "bitten" can be understood in its literal sense, but I guess the whole phrase might be an idiom for killing somebody instantly?
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