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Does "khiNch laanaa" (not lenaa) exist as a compound verb? (I assume it would mean something like "being drawn to, being attracted")
I found it in the song "aagaa baaii", from the 2012 Indian film "Aiyyaa".
But I can't find it in dictionaries.

The corresponding stanza is:

baalii umr se laalii thoRii maamNg ke, maiN ne khvaaboN kii raNgolii hai sajaaii
aaii lakṣmaNR rekhaa bhii maaii laamNgh ke, haay, kaisii taalaab khiNch laaii

(my attempt)
I came, having crossed the containing Lakshman's line, and to what a well I was drawn!

[BTW, I am familiar with the Ramayana episode]
[sample youtube video: CHwlXtF3zXs at 2:14] => (for some reason I can't stop watching it! :p )

Thanks in advance
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    Actually, Is the ii short in Hindi?

    खिंचनाVERB(a) to be tightened; रस्सी खिंच गई the rope was tightened. (b) to be removed; हाथ खिंच गयाthe hand was removed/withdrawn. (c) to be drawn; लकीर खिंच जाती है a line is drawn; फ़ोटो खिंच गया photo was taken. (d) to be attracted; चुंबक की ओर लोहा खिंचता है iron is drawn/attracted towards the magnet; चित्त खिंच गया the mind was attracted.

    or this a different verb?