Hindi, Urdu: kisii ko pahunchnaa

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  1. Cilquiestsuens Senior Member


    (kisii chiiz me.n kisii ko pahunchnaa = to equal someone in something)

    Just wondering if you are familiar with this expression and if it is part of your everyday language?

    I have found it a bit unusual myself although very eloquent...

    Here is the original sentence:

    اور کوئ نہ تھا جو نرمی اور رحم دلی میں اس کو پہنچ سکتا

    और कोई न था जो नरमी और रहमदिली में उस को पहुँच सकता

    Your input will be highly appreciated.

  2. Chhaatr Senior Member

    I am not familiar with this expression and it is not part of my everyday speech. I would have expected "tak" in place of "ko".
  3. JaiHind Senior Member

    India - Hindi
    In my opinion it is not very usual usage, but if one says it Hindi speaking people will understand its meaning very well.
  4. Qureshpor Senior Member

    Punjabi, Urdu پنجابی، اردو
    Yes, I came across this expression in the writings of one of Urdu's foremost modern critic, short story and essay writer, namely Niyaz Fatehpuri (1884-1986). He was comparing two poets.

    x...y meN ...z ko nahiiN pahuNch saktaa.


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