Hindi, Urdu: lakkha


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What is lukkha or lakkha in the stanza below?
The fun exchange occurs between a young man and an older, more sophisticated woman.

maiN havaa / to uR jaa!, ghaṭaa / to muR jaa!, kalii / kahaa kii?, adaa / haTaa bhii!
baRaa beshram hai tuu to lakkhaa hai baRaa
yah kamar / chupaa le!, nazar / ghumaa le!, pataa / maiN puuchuuN, umar / tuu jaane
dekho berukhii pe kaisee aTkaa hai paRaa

Is she accusing him of being "one of the lakhs", i.e., "one of the many", "vulgar"?

[these verses are in the song "Ghagra" as well, in Youtube starting at 2:26]
[I reproduce the following stanza because "lakkhaa" is supposed to rhyme with "aTkaa", I guess ].
[Edited: the translation sites say "you are a true destitute"]
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    I guess she must be saying, or meaning, "luukkhaa" - someone who has no money or someone who is extremely stingy.

    As for"ghaTaa", is it really "muR jaa"? "uR jaa" again would have made more sense, though "muR jaa" can work.


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    MonsieurGonzalito said:
    I found this with the sense of "expensive, precious" (it says "qiimatii")
    Apart from that entry, there is also this one. However, this word is feminine, whereas a male is being addressed and described in the context you've quoted.

    If it isn't one of these words, it might be a slang word...?!