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    Is this verb, meaning "to close", supposed to be synonymous with band karnā? Does it have the same usage? In modern contexts, I only hear it in the phrase "āṅkheṅ mūṅdnā".
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    Punjabi, Urdu پنجابی، اردو
    q.v.:—āṅkh mūṅd-ke, adv. With the eyes shut, blindly, inconsiderately:—āṅkh-mūṅdnā = āṅkh band kar-lenā


    H منڐنا मुण्डना muṇḍnā, or मुँडना muṅḍnā, (dialec.) मँडना maṅḍnā (fr. the trans. mūṅḍnā, q.v.), v.n. To be shaved; to be shorn; (fig.) to be fleeced, be swindled.

    H مونڐنا मूंडना mūṅḍnā [mūṅḍ˚ = Prk. मूंड(इ)=S. मुण्ड(ति), rt. मुण्ड्], v.t. To shave; to shave the head of;—to make a disciple of;—to wheedle (one, out of anything), to cozen, to cheat:—mūṅḍ-denā, v.t. intens. of and=mūṅḍnā:—ulṭe usture-se mūṅḍnā, 'To shave with the back of a razor'; to cheat, cajole, cozen.
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    ^ I don't know why are you talking about "moonDnaa", QP, when the question pertains only to "moondnaa"!

    To answer the original query, yes, "moondnaa" is a literary term for "band karnaa", but used usually only in terms of "eyes" (sleep, death), not doors, etc.

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