Hindi, Urdu, Persian: onomatopoeic sounds for a dog's bark


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Hello Foreros,

I wanted to know how the various onomatopoeia sounds for a dog's bark are spelt in Urdu (was also interested in whether Persian had a few of its own, please include tranliterations). The ones that I am familar with are bha'oo-bha'oo and ba'oo-ba'oo. Baba Platts also mentions bhauN-bhauN but this is clearly outdated and perhaps only to be found in old literature.

Also happy to hear from others i.e. Punjabi, Pashto variants and so on and so forth

  • littlepond

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    "bhauN-bhauN" outdated? In which world? It is the most heavily used wording in Hindi for a dog's "bhauNknaa." Never heard "bha'oo-bha'oo" and "ba'oo-ba'oo," in fact!


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    Persian - Iran
    In Persian, these are the two popular ones: واق واق/vâq vâq and هاپ هاپ/hâp hâp, also 'dog' in children's language is hâpu/هاپو.