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What would be a register-neutral word for "a politician"?

As in, for example:

saNdeh hai ki is [x] ne sach kahaa ho

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    While I'm perfectly happy with poliTishan, it's probably worth pointing out that just netaa is probably much more common/colloquial than either raj-netaa or raaj-niitigya -- so much so that it does still occur in written Urdu (eg, this short story by Manto).

    [Besides the point, but your example sentence might be mujhe shak hai ki(h) is [x] ne sach nahiiN kahaa hai: (1) The sentence sounds incomplete without the dative "subject," (2) shak is significantly more colloquial than sandeh, and (3) the sentence sounds better with a negative indicative rather than an affirmative subjunctive complement.]
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    (3) the sentence sounds better with an indicative rather than subjunctive complement.]
    Oh, I was intending to say something in the line of:

    "It is doubtful that this politician has/had/[whatever the subjunctive is en English] said the truth".
    (Not that I personally doubt it).


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    In Urdu it is almost always siyaasat-daan in every day speech and media. Politics is always siyaasat.


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    Note that the usual pronunciation is "pauliTishian," not "poliTishan" (mentioned by @desi4life jii and @aevynn jii). Otherwise, agree with posts 2, 3 and 5, though "netaa" is heard in Dakkhani Urdu at least, so it's not only "siyaasat-daan" in Urdu (though politics in Urdu is always "siyaasat").