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اُردو Urdu
Recently there's a thread about talking to children in Hindi or in Urdu.

I would like to know what usages there are for the three languages, Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi when a child calls his or her father, as well as what father calls himself because it is likely to be similar.

Now, paapaa, DeDii are English/European words which should be included.

What is more and what is less?
  • Alfaaz

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    Urdu: (based on observation of speakers and usage on television)

    (بابا (جان - baabaa (jaan)*
    (ابّا (جان - abbaa (jaan)
    (ابو (جان - abuu/abbuu (jaan)

    * سائیں - saa'eeN also seems to be often added instead of jaan in Sindhi speaking regions.

    والد - waalid, پدر - pidar, and باپ - baap usually seem to be used more for describing the relationship.

    (ڈیڈی seems to be pronounced as DaiDii rather than DeDii...at least by people who are familiar with the English word.)