Hindi, Urdu [Punjabi?]: kiTT jaa ke/kar mar jaanaa


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What does kiTT jaa ke mar jaanaa means?
I found this expression in the song "Ghani Bawri", from the 2015 Indian movie "Tanu Weds Manu Returns", and the context is a girl losing her reputation for being madly in love. It is sung as part of a wedding entertainment.

The stanza goes:

jo na karnaa thaa kar gaii
maiN bhii kiTT jaa ke mar gaii
acchii khaasii jaTnii chaNgii
maiN ghanii baavrii ho gaii
baavrii ho gaii ...

Translation sites provide: "I did what shouldn't have done, I got myself into a sticky situation"

[I know that kiTT is something like "excrement", but the movie has a Punjabi background, where kiTT seems to have a lot of meanings]
[Sample Youtube video: IcMUB8qY-qo at 0:09]

Thanks in advance for any orientation
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    I asked around, the latest I have, is that that kiTT (universally misspelt in song sites, and terribly pronounced), is actually Punjabi for kithe / ਕਿੱਥੇ / کِتّھے
    = where?, at what place?

    Which would give something like:
    maiN bhii kithe jaa ke mar gaii
    Where did I even end up dying?

    ... which I guess is some idiomatic form of: "I don't know what hit me"


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    MonsieurGonzalito said:
    ... is actually Punjabi ...
    KITT ਕਿੱਤ ad. Where;—pron. (for kis from kauṉ) Which? what? i. q. Kit.
    Punjabi speakers could hopefully provide more information about usage, pronunciation, etc.
    littlepond said:
    Really? In which language?
    S کٿ किट्ट kiṭṭa, vulg. kiṭṭ, s.m. Secretion; excretion; excrement; dirt, filth, impurity