Hindi/Urdu/Punjabi: mairaa/tairaa vs meraa/teraa (ɛː vs. eː)


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Hello all,

I am curious as to whether anybody on this forum has ever heard "mairaa/tairaa" in place of "meraa/teraa" for "my/mine" and "your/yours", respectively. This is a bad habit of mine, being an English native speaker, but I can't seem to shake the feeling that I've also heard these from the mouths of a handful of Punjabis! I recently put the question to my list of friends on Facebook and most cannot recall ever having heard such a pronunciation, though two responded in the affirmative, the first linking it to comical characters in Punjabi films and the second to "the deep [Punjabi] village".

I am of course aware that "tairaa" means "swam", and "mairaa" is a Punjabi word referring to fertile land, but I'm curious specifically about these as a distinct pronunciation of the possessive first & second person singular pronoun/adjective.

Many thanks.
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    Urdu: No, I have n't come across mairaa/tairaa in either speech or writing.