Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi: Nasal sounds


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I am an American that married into a Punjabi-speaking family. They spoke Urdu as well. I’m used to the syntax and am in the process of refining my pronounciation and expanding my vocabulary. In any case, I’m diving into formally learning Urdu/Hindi and possibly a bit of Punjabi on the side, but was wondering if someone could explain the main differences? After looking through this site I saw that there is a “nasal” sound with Punjabi? I guess I never noticed. Does anyone have examples?
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    Panjabi, Urdu پنجابی، اردو
    Hi, yes all three languages have short vowel, long vowel nasalisation as well as nasal consonants.

    I suspect as far as Punjabi is concerned, you have the nasal consonant -NR- in mind. This is how I transliterate it in Roman but others may do it differently.

    Examples: Urdu man (a unit of weight)/ Punjabi maNR

    : paT-san (the jute plant and fibre)/saNR

    :gehuuN/gandum (wheat)/kaNRak

    : dushman (enemy)/dushmaNR

    : jaanaa/jaaNRaa

    : vuh vahaaN ga'e the (they (masculine) went there/ O othe ga'e saNR (some dialects use "san")

    Will these examples suffice for the moment?