Hindi/Urdu - sau baat kii ek baat

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  1. tonyspeed Senior Member

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    How would you translate this idiom into English?

    Secondly, would you prefer this phrase or "Sau baatoN kii ek baat"?
  2. UrduMedium

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    I believe it is, "sau baatoN kii ek baat", although the other is used also. This is often part of a concluding remark, summarizing the key takeaway. Kind of like the wisdom of the sages, or the wise essence of something.
  3. Qureshpor Senior Member

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    1) This sums it up very nicely!

    2) Mainly "sau baat kii ek baat" but "sau baatoN kii ek baat" is also used.

    yaad rakh, sun, yih sau kii ek kahii
    baat ab mujh ko tujh se kuchh nah rahii


    kaavish tirii be-sabaat hai yih
    sau baat kii ek baat hai yih

    kaavish = inquiry/research
    be-sabaat = impermanent
  4. greatbear Banned

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    "In short"/"To cut to the core of the matter"

    I would prefer "sau baat kii ek baat".

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