Hindi, Urdu: sher - tiger or lion?


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Does शेर / شیر mean "tiger" or "lion"?

Here is what I know:
- "Sher-e-Punjab", I am almost sure that it means "The Lion of Punjab"
- For Caturvedi, it is a lion
- For Bahri, it is a tiger (for a lion one has to use "sher babbar").
- This thread says that the proper word for "tiger" is "baagh" but people commonly use "sher"
- shabdkosh prefers words other than "sher" as tiger's first acceptions: chatora, baagh, but "sher" is also there
- Finally, and most importantly, Sher Khan from the Jungle Book :)

Could someone settle the issue for me, please?
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    Thanks, @Alfaaz , they are quite clear. (I keep forgetting to look up using the Latin transliteration as well).

    Bottom line of the above threads: despite some localized tendencies to use the word for both species indistinctly, the precise meaning of "sher" is "lion".
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