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    In Hindi, many times the expression "thook ke chaaTnaa" is used to mean the English "to eat one's words"

    "KyoN bhaiyyaa bade chauRe ho ke keh rahe they kii is baar pass ho jaaoge? Phir tapak (fail) gaye! Koii baat nahiiN, hameN pataa hai thook ke chaaTnaa aapkii puraani aadat hai!

    Is there a similar expression in Urdu?

    How would this meaning be conveyed in Urdu among friends?

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    اُردو Urdu

    ٰI've been reminded of your thread indirectly by some posts on the forum.
    I must admit never to have used it, but this idiom is shared by Urdu and Hindi alike.

    thuuk kar chaaTnaa is also an Urdu idiom. It means to go back on one's word.
    شیریں لبوں کی بات کو مطلق نہیں ثبات
    سچ ہے کہ چاٹتے ہیں یہ بد عہد تھوک کے
    shiiriiN laboN kii baat ko mutlaq nahiiN sabaat
    sach hai kih chaaTte haiN yih bad-3ahd thuuk ke
    There is absolutely no permanence in the words of these sweet-tongued (lipped) ones
    Truth of the matter is that these treacherous ones turn back on their words

    It appears this expression is not recent, we can find an entry for this in the Platts dictionary:

    thūk-kar ćāṭnā, or thūk ćāṭnā, v.n. To swallow one's own words, to retract or recall a promise, to break one's word

    So you can use it without hesitation with Urdu speaking friends.

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