Hindi, Urdu: to my dog Sultan


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If I have a dog called Sultan, and I give chocolate to him, it is:

1. maiN_ne apne kutte sultaan ko chakleT diya


2. maiN_ne apne kutte ko sultaaNn chakleT diya ?

My feeling is that sultaan is some sort of apposition (equivalent to) apne kutte, therefore it should be inside the ko structure. as in #1.
However, I have the strange sensation that #2 is more idiomatic for some reason. (i.e.: HU likes a lot putting the postposicional complements in weird first positions just to spite me).
  • Jashn

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    As another learner of the language, the second one to me sounds like you gave your dog a chocolate called Sultan chocolate. If you just want to talk about giving your dog, Sultan, a chocolate, then the first seems the correct one to me.

    That said, please never give dogs chocolates! (or onions, or garlic) Chocolate can kill a dog if you give it too much. Just an FYI in case anyone reads this and doesn't know.