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    Since a couple of members here are indulging in it at full throttle, I thought the time appropriate to ask how might the word be translated in Hindi/Urdu. As clarification for those who don't know the word, I mean it in the sense "the searching out and deliberate harassment of those with unpopular views" as defined by Merriam-Webster.

    We do use the expression "kisii ke peechhe (balaa kii tarah) paR jaanaa" in Hindi, but can there be a word that can replace the whole expression? Also, what all other expressions can be used?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. tonyspeed Senior Member

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    haath dhoke piiCHe paRnaa

    and from platts:
    tīr nikālnā nathnoṅ-meṅ-se (-ke), To torture, torment, harass, persecute
  3. greatbear Banned

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    ^ Thanks; the very common expression "haath dho ke peechhe paRnaa" completely slipped out of my mind!

    The Platts expression, which I have never heard before, reminds me of the French expression "tirer les vers du nez" (whose literal English translation would be "to pull out worms from the nose [of someone]") - which means to make someone divulge/reveal some information that one wants to know by manipulating the conversation expertly (or making her/him drunk).

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