[Hindi] Using सरि का/सरी का to mean तरह का


I have heard (and also used it myself) सरि का/सरी का quite a lot in Indore, but not in Mumbai. I was wondering if this is an actual word or more of a slang? I couldn't find any usage of it online nor in any dictionary. Is anyone aware of where else it is used and a possible etymology of the word? I have heard old people (including my grandparents) use it too.
  • सरीखा

    See also the quote from an 1882 book here: Urdu: Maine

    By such a one as thee excellent articles of food are to be prepared.—
    Tere sarîkhe ne achchhe achchhe khâne kâ mâl banânâ.
    तेरे सरीखे ने अच्छे अच्छे खाने का माल बनाना
    Fighting is to be done by heroes like me.—
    Laṛâˏî karnâ to hamâre sarîkhe bîroṅ ne karnâ.
    लड़ाई करना तो हमारे सरीखे बीरों ने करना (Hindi Manual 1882)
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