Hindi: yahii teraa ghaam यही तेरा घाम


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So I was reading MonsieurGonzalito's thread about 'ek naam ka'ii ruup' where he quoted a Kishore Kumar song with the words,

ek ruup kaii naam man maNdir tērā ghaam
jivaan denaa jivaan lenaa yahii teraa ghaam
(from the song "Ek Rup Kai Nam" of the movie "Swami Dada" interpreted by Kishore Kumar)

My own look-up hasn't made me any wiser so here is the obvious question: what does it mean?

This entry doesn't seem to fit the bill: گھام घाम ghām (p. 929) H گهام घाम ghām [Prk. घम्मो; S. घर्मः], s.m. & f. Sunbeams, sunshine; heat, warmth (of the sun); glare; sultriness; — (dialec.) sweat, perspiration: — ghām khānā, or ghām lenā, To bask in the sun.
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    I just listened to the song (the full movie is online in Youtube)
    It has English subtitles, but not for the song [04:22] , unfortunately.
    But yes, it doesn't sound like ghaam, for either verse, despite it being what appears in most lyrics sites.