Hindsight-driven popularity


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I'm having trouble finding a way to translate this phrase into Spanish (I'm a bit lost as to what it even means): "A hindsight-driven popularity."
My take on "hindsight-driven" would be "something that happened sometime after"? A popularity that came after some time? ¿"Una popularidad tardía"? ... o_O
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    Por favor explica dónde encontraste esta frase y aporta la oración completa y una descripción del contexto: quién habla, qué está pasando y a qué se refiere.


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    “hindsight-driven” makes me think that what people realized in hindsight is having some effect. Therefore, I’d say that “hindsight-driven popularity” means that something is gaining popularity now because people’s perceptions of it have changed. Examples of this could be things that weren’t popular due to racism, homophobia etc. but are popular now because those attitudes have diminished and people praise these things for what they did for the community. A different kind of example could be a new law that many people were against at first, but now has a lot of support because in hindsight people realized that they were wrong.

    In Spanish maybe “hindsight-driven popularity”=“Una popularidad que ha crecido con lo que se ha vuelto claro en retrospectiva.”
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