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    I´m guessing that this would be translated as "hipotriglyceridemiantes" but I cannot find the English version anywhere. The closest I can find is "hipotriglyceridemia" which is not quite the same thing. Here´s the context:

    Es por eso que se pretende comparar los efectos hipotrigliceridemiantes entre gemfibrozilo y el aceite de Sacha Inchi, para plantear el consumo de este último como una alternativa altamente eficaz e inocua para reducir los niveles de triglicéridos, en monoterapia en la HTG aislada o en combinación con otros fármacos en la hiperlipidemia combinada; y por ende, promover su consumo.

    Am I correct in my guess?
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    wait, I'm thinking "effects of hypertriglyceridemia" since it was originally an adjective
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    Se dice "hypotriglyceridemic effects"

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    When I searched around all of the examples I found looked liked "triglyceride lowering" was the intended meaning but I never found a dictionary source.
    "Todos los fibratos presentan un potente efecto hipotrigliceridemiante, ya que reducen las cifras de lipoproteínas ricas en triglicéridos. "
    "Son hipotrigliceridemiantes utilizados en hipertrigliceridemias, hiperlipidemias combinadas y situaciones con reducción de colesterol HDL. " (in this case "triglyceride lowering medication" might be a better meaning)
    "En nuestra experiencia, los efectos hipotrigliceridemiantes de una dieta saludable de tipo mediterráneo, con limitación de grasas saturadas, azúcares simples y ..."
    Unfortunately that is just a guess on my part.
    The meaning "cholesterol lowering" would certainly make sense in the context you are trying to translate.
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    I would consider

    The best and most scientifically adequate translation

    Context eg.

    "Lack of hypotriglyceridemic effect of gemfibrozil as a consequence of age-related changes in rat liver PPARalphs."

    it is used as an adjective describing the ability of lowering the triglycerides fraction of cholesterol


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