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    la même chose que le jeu... la légence précise :
    How To Play: Print this out and take it to the next show you go to. When you get a bingo, scream "BINGO!" at the top of your lungs, then break a bunch of beer bottles on the floor and get thrown out.
    En général on doit avoir une ligne ou une colonne entière.


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    Bingo is a very common game (at least in the US). It's sort of gambling, but usually played at fund-raisers, such as churches. Like a church will host a "bingo night", and people will go (mostly older women), and pay a small amount of money to get a "bingo card". The card has 5 rows of 5 boxes, each box has a number in it. Across the top is "B I N G O".

    Then the host pulls a numbered ball at random out of a drum, and yell out the letter and number, like "B-17!".

    Then everyone will look on their cards, under the letter B, to see if they have the number 17. If so, they mark or circle that box.

    As soon as someone gets 5 boxes in a row, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, they win, and signal they won by yelling "Bingo!" Then they win the pooled cash prize.

    In the context of your website, they are making a joke, by playing a game where you identify hispters and see who can get five in a row first.

    I've seen the same joke used for people to play in business meetings at work, because managers typically all use the same business buzzwords (synergy, etc), so employees could secretly mark off what buzzwords are used. I doubt anyone would play that for real, because you'd get fired. :)

    If you google "buzzword bingo", you'll probably see what I mean.

    Also, "bingo" is a very common term in US English, that means "Exactly!" Or "Correct!"

    "What's the capital of New York?"
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