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Hi everyone!
I can't understand the meaning of the word "hipster" in this context, because it has loads of meanings!
Here is the context:
"She teams up with a hipster sax-playing frog, Jimmy the Frog. He is street-wise and shows our pussy the ropes. They become partners in crime."
The whole story it's pretty odd itself: a moggie set off to explore the world and she comes across this frog (who wears trousers and skirt and plays sax!) and they decide to work together.
For hipster I've found: trousers, jazz fiend, or alternative people!
This is my attempt:
" Decide di unirsi a Jimmy la Rana, un eccentrico suonatore di sax. Lui infatti conosce la strada e mostra alla nostra gattina i trucchi del mestiere. Diventano compagni nel crimine."
That "eccentrico" does not express the real meaning of the word hipster, can anybody help me?
Thanx a lot
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    anche a me è parso da quel "jazz fiend" quindi bocciamo eccentrico e mettiamo appassionato di jazz? grazie per il suggerimento!
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