his eyes swimming


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Hi ! bonsoir !
context : old man stuck in a lift/elevator worrying for his wife who has heart problems and who is waiting for him outside .
"I snuck off to buy her some perfume", he explained, his eyes swimming."
Is he begininng to cry or are his eyes rolling ? this being a bit strange and excessive for the one who is not ill !
Est-ce qu'il a les yeux humides, est-ce qu'il est au bord des larmes ? ou est-ce qu'il a les yeux qui se révulsent ? ce qui serait bizarre,ou, du moins excessif comme réaction, vu que c'est sa femme qui est malade, pas lui.
Thanks for explaining. Merci de vos suggestions
  • Kelly B

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    His eyes are full of tears, he is on the edge of tears, because he is sad about her illness.
    (I do not find this as strange as you do - I think my father would much more upset if my mother were sick than if he were sick himself.)


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    thanks Kelly B. What I found strange was if his eyes were rolling as if he was himself sick instaed of her. But, thanks to you, I can keep my "yeux humides" which means he is, in fact on the edge of tears. One problem off ;-)

    Language Hound

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    eyes swimming (with tears) = des yeux noyés ou baignés de larmes

    I don't find the old man's reaction strange or excessive.
    His wife has heart problems and instead of surprising her with a
    nice thoughtful gift, right now he's stuck in an elevator.
    His wife may be worrying about him now, thereby complicating her
    health problems. He's probably blaming himself (i.e., If only I hadn't
    snuck off to buy her perfume...), and he feels helpless.
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