His fart has the sound of a cannon

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Hello again,

In Turkish and Azerbaijani language we have a very funny idiom. It's a little bad but funny.

It's: "His fart has the sound of a cannon" ;)
In our culture it means that he is a very powerful person, has much money, is wealthy and has some friends in the authority of the government.

Do you have such a funny idiom in English?

Thank you
  • boozer

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    All I can say is that you have translated it very well. :D Your idiom reminds me of indigestion or imminent visit to the nearest loo, not power and influence. :D


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    "He's a big shot" would sort of fit that context and I think is reasonably common (at least in AE). I presume that "big gun" means pretty much the same thing.


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    USA English
    What's your opinion about "he is a big gun" and "his fart smells like perfume."
    Are they used among you native English speakers? Are they common?
    "big gun" tends not to refer to the boss so much as the most proficient and capable.

    It seems to come from the American Wild West concept of a "hired gun" that one brings in to deal with problems best resolved by force.

    hired gun
    noun Informal.1.a person hired to kill someone, as a gunfighter or professional killer.

    2.a person hired to bear arms and fight for another, as a bodyguard or mercenary.

    3.a person, as a politician or lobbyist, skilled at attaining power for others.

    4.a person hired to resolve difficult problems or disputes or to handle complex legal or businessproblems.

    What's your opinion about .... "his fart smells like perfume."

    Not only is this meaningless to me in the context you suggest, but I would ask you if you've been brown-nosing.

    From UrbanDictionary.

    2. Brown Nose
    A brown nose is a Sycophantic person who has their head so far up somebodys ass that they have a brown nose, hense the name.
    "hey stop bringin' the teacher apples every day y' brown nose!!"
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