His life was commensurate with that important period.


Hello, everyone.

Here is a single-choice test?

His life was _______ that important period.

A. related to
B. connected with
C. matched with
D. commensurate with

I chose A. related to, but my text book says the only correct answer is the option D. commensurate with.

In my opinion, all the four choices sound OK and meaningful, and I even don't really get the meaning of the whole sentence with D. "His life was commensurate with that important period".

Could you tell me your opinion?

Please favour me with your instructions. Thanks a lot.
  • Uncle Jack

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    I have never seen "commensurate" used with this sense. Although A and B sort of make sense, they don't appear to say anything. A person's life might be related to or connected with some event or series of actions, but the only connection with a period of time is usually to say that a person lived through it, which none of the options do.


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    I could only choose B. Answer D makes zero sense.

    If he was an important public figure in that period of history then his name would be connected with that period. Studying that period would also mean learning something about him.


    All of the options are baffling is closer to the mark. Is this a real English test?
    It is even part of a graduate entrance test for Master of Translation and Interpreting of one of Top Chinese universities. Some of these tests look really baffling and even funny. But still thanks a lot, Madam.