his smile is our grimace

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Joker and his gang break into a city party, and some fight takes place. Batman arrives ready to fight too.
JOKER: I've got a surprise for you guys. And it's gonna make you smile.
BATMAN: Uh-oh! His smile is our grimace. Everybody, get down.

JOKER: I... [commissioner runs up to Joker, crying "Joker, no!"] surrender. [unexpectedly for everyone]
The LEGO Batman Movie

Could you explain to me what he meant by the bold phrase?
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  • lingobingo

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    Maybe the second of those, leading to the first?!

    It's obviously a reference to the Joker's evil smile, implying that his version of a smile is what anyone else would call a grimace (although it's actually more of a leer).

    suzi br

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    I think it means when he is smiling we are being made miserable, but I wouldn't argue against other suggestions. It is not "clear".
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