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"While his venue at "The Report" [a new start-up tabloid in Philadelphia] - THE CONSCIENCE OF PHILADELPHIA read the tag - was not "The Inquirer" or "The Daily News" or even "CityPaper", Simon had managed to file near the top of the news cycle on a number of big stories, much to the consternation of his far-better-paid colleagues in the so-called legitimate press." I can't make sense of "venue". Any help? This is from "The Rosary Girls" by Richard Montanari
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    I think venue is being used in its meaning of "a place where an artist (of some sort) gives a performance" e.g. "The venue for Iron Maiden's concert will be [at] City Hall."

    The piece is implying that Simon is an artist as far as journalism is concerned.


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    In AE, "venue" is not reserved for theatrical performances or artists. It simply means the setting or locale in which something takes place, and its most familiar usage is in fact legal: A defense lawyer has often been known to request a change of venue for a trial because he or she believes that a jury drawn from the immediate area in which the crime was committed will be biased against the defendant.

    In the text you quote, which I believe is from a US source, it isn't that Simon is considered an "artist". Venue just means the newspaper where he works.
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