His wonders to behold

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Bonjour, quelqu'un pourrait-il m'aider à traduire une phrase( du roman Dairy Queen days de Robert Inman)?

" "The lord works in strange and mysterious ways, his wonders to behold".

je comprends chaque mot, mais je vois pas le rapport entre " le seigneur travaille/agit dans de mysterieuses et étranges manières" ET " Ses merveilles à contempler..":confused:

quelqu'un pourrait-il m'éclairer?
  • Kalinero

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    Cela veut dire quelque chose comme : les voies du Seigneur sont étranges et impénétrables, ne cherchez pas forcément à les comprendre mais contemplez plutôt les merveilles qu'Il produit.


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    This is actually a phrase (quite a well-known quote from the Bible) used in hymns in church. Everyone would know it.
    Unfortunately there is a verb missing and it needs to be passive - something like : his wonders need to be contemplated. Kalerino is right : God does things you will not understand; (therefore don't try to ask why, just contemplate the wonders he has made for you to behold (= see) - very old-fashioned verb.


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    I agree with guillaumedemanzac that the first part is based on a well known hymn but I'm pretty sure it is not from the Bible. My opinion is that the character quotes what he or she thinks are Bible verses but makes mistakes. It is not supposed to make sense; the author intends that the character should sound pious but muddled and not well-read.

    The first part is from a hymn by William Cowper.
    God moves in a mysterious way,
    His wonders to perform.
    The second part may be from the
    last verse of Genesis in the Bible, when God surveys his creation and says it is good.
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