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Hello everyone. I would like to know what "his wrist doubled" means in the following sentences:

His body was in some other place that had nothing to do with this landscape. It was splayed, scattered behind him, his legs in different worlds, neck twisted. His right arm was bent under his body and his wrist doubled. He sensed this hand and the hard pressure of the knuckles against his side but the pain was not intense enough to warrant the titanic effort of moving.

- William Golding, Pincher Martin, Chapter 3

This is a novel published in the United Kingdom in 1956. The novel mainly follows the state of mind of a sailor called Christopher "Pincher" Martin, a temporary naval lieutenant who is apparently desperately fighting for his life in the Atlantic after the military ship has sunk. Here, he has arrived at an island in the sea. After having struggled to climb up because he realized that the waters were rising because of the high tide, he now lies on the high part of the island.

In this part, I am wondering about what "his wrist doubled" would mean.
I first thought that it would mean that his wrist was folded in two layers, which would mean that he sprained his wrist, or probably that his wrist was severely disjointed.
But after this part, he seems to use his wrist with no dramatic pain, so I am wondering what this "doubled" wrist would mean. o_O

I would very much appreciate your help. :)
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    Dear Keith Bradford,

    Thank you very much for the explanation!
    In that case, would it be okay to think that his one wrist, rather than two wrists, is folded in half, probably... like this?


    I am just thinking about the ways in which the wrist can be "doubled"... But this picture seems unnatural, I guess. :D

    Also, I am just wondering where this wrist was doubled. It says that the right arm was bent under his body, but then he feels the pressure of the hand at his side... So I became confused! :(

    Would it be okay to think that his wrist is against the flank, the side of his body (the side part of the body under the armpit and above the hip) rather than being under his body, although the right arm connected to the wrist was under his body...?