Historical/historic festivals


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Which one suits in the context "historic festivals" or "historical festivals"

"Historic/Historical festivals have a prominent role in reviving that a country has."

You would say "Historic places" or "Historical places"

  • Egmont

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    This may be a matter of personal or regional usage, but I'd say "historic places" but "historical festivals."

    The reason is that the places have a history, but the festivals are about history. The festivals themselves are, in most cases, recent. They don't have much history of their own. If there is a festival somewhere that's been celebrated since 1215 A.D. or sometime like that, it would be a historic festival, but I don't know of any.

    Also, there seem to be words missing in your sentence. It should be "... in reviving the traditions that a country has," or something like that. I'd probably say "... in reviving a country's traditions," but that's a matter of style.