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    Hello, northern Netherlands spoke Germany in 16th century, and I'd like to know when did the Dutch be introduce into after that? And if possible can anybody tell me the history of language using in Netherlands. Thank you.
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    German (Germany)
    The popular language in the North-Eastern Netherlands, mainly in the provinces of Groningen, Drente and Overijssel and North-Eastern parts of Gelderland, used to be Low-German which should not be confused with (modern) Standard German. In the Netherlands this language is called Nedersaksisch. There are still Nedersaksisch speakers in the area but the role of the language in everyday like is much reduced. This is the result of the normal trend of replacing regional languages with national standard languages we have been seeing since the 19th/20th century all over Europe and in many other parts of the world as well (e.g. Replacement of local dialects by Putonghua in China).
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