history will not be merciful to us

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Don't you ever feel you are fighting a losing battle?
We will lose much more if we stay quiet. We will lose our land, our livelihood, and our community.

And history will not be merciful to us. Our children will blame us, and ask us, Where were you and what did you do to try and stop this? We cannot lose more than what we as a Palestinian people have already lost.

Is it correct to or acceptable to say, "history will not be merciful to us"? If not, are there suitable alternatives?
  • crazyfingers

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    I think that's grammatically ok - a little awkward - perhaps it is better to say "history will show us no mercy" or "history will not show us any mercy" (preferred)


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    The way you said it originally (as in the quote) sounds perfectly fine and natural to me.

    However, if you are writing it in a formal essay, leave out the "us"
    "history will not be merciful".
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