hit a rough spot


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Hi all,
Could you please explain this phrase to me?
"Connecting with your high schoolers on non-academic topics goes a long way if you hit a rough spot later on.”—Joyce G

My guess is when you may have problems with them or argue later, have an unpleasant situation?
  • PaulQ

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    No, your guess is not correct.

    "[Connecting with your high schoolers] on non-academic topics [goes a long way] if you hit a rough spot later on.”

    To connect (in this context) = to talk to and understand someone at a personal level; to communicate easily [with someone]. Usually with the meaning of "in a friendly way."
    To go a long way [often with "towards something" (usually positive)] = to contribute [towards]; to be a great help [to];
    to hit (informal, and in this context) - to encounter suddenly
    A rough spot (idiom) - a difficult situation
    later on - at a later time.
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