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I was watching the George Lopez Show, and his mother Benny states about her boyfriend: "He's the only man in the world not happy to just hit it and quit it." I was wondering how this phrase could be rendered in Spanish. For those of you who don't know what it means, it refers to when a guy (usually) has sexual relations with a girl with no intentions of a relationship or commitment, and in many cases, never to talk to her again. (Sad, right?) Even though even this expressions is not the prettiest of ones, there's an even more blunt, slang expression for it, "F@?k and chuck" (included for you cultural enrichment). Thanks in advance for your translations.
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    One possible translation would be "ser un picaflor".

    Picaflor is a kind of bird, the Hummingbird, that goes from flower to flower so, when you use it for a man, you mean he goes from woman to woman, never interested in a serious relationship.