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Madonna Halim

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From the book "Thinking For a Change", Don Soderquist was referring to an incident that happened to him with Sam Walton the founder of Walmart.
"Now, Sam didn't hit me on the head and say,'Don, now what lesson did you learn from this?' He had already hit me on the head by looking for the good, looking how to improve and striving for excellence."
what's meant by "hit me on the head" here?

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    He didn't literally hit me on the head to get my attention.
    He hit me on the head figuratively. He got my attention by looking for the good...


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    Yes. There is an old story of the farmer selling his mule but the buyer couldn't get the mule to
    do anything. He brought it back to the farmer and told him of his problem. The farmer got a
    board and hit the donkey on the head. The fellow asked why he had done that. The farmer
    said that first he had to get his attention. (I am sure I have missed elements of the story but
    that is it in a nutshell.)
    Also it is like people hitting their palm upside their head when they realize something.
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