hit the ball out the park

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  1. Fanfan Sagat Member


    "You've hit the ball out the park!"

    Someone wrote me that, it's a comment about a website I take care of.

    I really don't understand exactly what does that mean.

    Litteraly ok "Tu as frappé la balle en dehors du parc", something like that.

    But of course it's said figuratively, and I don't see the sense...? Is this an english expression?
  2. econo Senior Member

    It's an American English expression from baseball. If one hits the ball out of the ballpark its a home run and the team gets 1 to 4 runs (points) depending on whether there are men on base. In short it means you did a great job.
  3. Fanfan Sagat Member

    Well, then I learned something about baseball AND now I understand what the guy wanted to say.

    So econo I tell you : ("Thank you very much!")x2

  4. AngelEyes

    AngelEyes Senior Member

    English - United States
    Take this as a great compliment.

    Not only did you hit a home run, you hit that sucker right out of the park!

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