hit the kerb

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    Acera is the pavement (BE) or sidewalk (US). The kerb is the edge of the pavement/sidewalk (bordillo de la acera). You might find it in the dictionary as curb, the alternative spelling. Examples: I lost control of the car and hit the kerb. He denied kerb-crawling even though the prostitute recognised him.


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    pues no creo que se trate del borde de la acera....miren, aquí esta el párrafo completo; es parte de una canción:

    i don't know how but suddenly it has been a while
    and we're been walking in through taht same front door
    undressing like there were no parts to hide
    and calling each other names we never had
    you never heard
    and then an unexpected turn
    and we hit the kerb



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    Here "hit the kerb" is used metaphorically to mean their life went out of control just as your car might if you were driving along happily, taking everything for granted, not concentrating, and suddenly the car went up the edge of the pavement.