Hit the needle on the nose


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What does it mean when someone asks:

"Did I hit the needle on the nose?"

We drew numbers for a prize and the one who was closest and won the prize asked this question when we asked her for her address. She went to bed before we drew numbers and she asked that the following morning.

Google is not giving me any results. I tried throwing quotes around "hit the needle on the nose" and only got a bunch or racist results and I am pretty sure that is not her intentions, she is a sweet girl.
  • lingobingo

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    It sounds like a mistaken version of “Did I hit the nail on the head”, meaning did I get it spot on / exactly right?

    I don’t think any kind of needle has a nose. :D


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    "Did I hit the needle on the nose?"
    There is no such saying. It is confused mix-up.sayings.

    "On the nose" means "exactly correct". It would be correct for her to ask "Did I hit it on the nose?" The "it" in "hit it" means the correct answer. Did I guess the correct answer? Did I do it "exactly" ("on the nose")?

    But there is no "needle".
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