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"Insurers pay PDMs to negotiate for them. If you're insured, you pay a slice of that price at the pharmacy. Sometimes it's just a flat copay like $5. Erin Fox says sometimes it's a lot more. FOX: If you have a high deductible plan, you're going to be faced with full list prices of medications until you hit your deductible."

What does the "hit" mean here? I first thought it to mean to pay. But it's still strange. Whether your deductible is high or not, you're going to have to pay your deductible anyway so as to be covered by your insurance. So supposing "if you have a high deductible plan" is off the point.

source: Car Shopping, Handbags And Wealthy Uncles: The Quest To Explain High Drug Prices
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    Deductible = what you must pay before your insurance "kicks in" (before they will begin paying for you).

    To "hit your deductible" is a colloquial way of saying you've paid the amount out-of-pocket that you agreed to, and now the insurance company pays the rest.

    A longer way of saying exactly what LB said:p
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