hitting the same triangle and kids eat away at your soul

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I have found the following paragraph of an anti-marriage discussion:-

You get fat, you stay hitting the same triangle for years on end, you lose money, have kids that eat away at your soul...what is it that makes a man want to get married?

Could anyone let me know what "hitting the same triangle" and "have kids that eat away at your soul" mean?


  • Beryl from Northallerton

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    I suspect that "hitting the same triangle" means 'having sex with the same woman', in this case, your wife.

    : hitting = (coarse slang for) having sex with
    triangle = vagina (that's my speculation anyway)

    We usually allow only one topic per thread, plusluck. Seeing as you're new here, I'll answer.
    To "have kids that eat away at your soul" means to bear (sire, father) children (offspring) that you dislike to the point that it destroys your life.
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    Notwithstanding Beryl's "coarse slang" explanation, I've a feeling we're in computer- game -land, where "hitting the triangle" in the right way is the key to progressing to the next level. If so, the phrase denotes frustration, lack of progress, hitting your head against the wall. Yeah, sounds like marriage.


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    Deciding before I read any responses, I came to the same conclusion Beryl did. It's all about failing or frustration inside a relationship.


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    Interesting interpretations: :cool:

    Giving less Freudian information, :D, I suggest "Hitting the same triangle" refers to the triangle player in an (e.g. (school) orchestra) who has little or no status and who never gets to do anything other than a constant and boring repetition of trivial actions.
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