hogar infantil y madre comunitaria

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    Qué son hogares infantiles y madres comunitarias (en Colombia)?

    Pienso daycare center, pero no sé si un daycare center es demasiado grande o formal. Tengo dudas sobre la frase "madre comunitaria" también. Babysitter (más informal)? Daycare worker (más formal)? Estoy traduciendo la frase en el context siguiente:

    Existen ocho (8) ​
    hogares infantiles que pertenecen a Bienestar Familiar. Están ubicados en la
    casa de cada madre comunitaria que se encarga de cuidar hasta 12 niños del barrio en edad de 0-6

    año, y comparte su casa con ellos.

    Mi intento:
    There are eight (8) daycare centers which belong to Bienestar Familiar (Family Well-Being). They are located at the house of each babysitter, who is in charge of taking care of up to 12 neighborhood children from 0 to 6 years of age and shares her house with them.
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    Are they more like orphanages?
  3. Patricita

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    In Colombia, "Bienestar Familiar" that is an Institution created to help those children not well supported by their parents, has "hogares comunitarios", in charge of a "madre comunitaria". Those are houses where kids arrive, spend the whole day and they take care of them. Parents have to pay a little amount of money or none.

    Some a very little, with 1 "madre comunitaria" and a few kids and others are huge with a lot of boys... now you tell me... is this a daycare center?
  4. hcnd06a Senior Member

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    Thanks Patricita! This sounds kind of like a subsidized day care center. Other possibilities: day care
    for low-income families, subsidized child care
    . There is the difference that in the United States, I think day care centers are public places, whereas it sounds like hogares infantiles are in people's private homes.​
  5. pops91710

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    Yes, it is in the USA. Optional would be childcare center, or nursery (for wee ones) We have both public and private. Some are even owned by the employee's company.​
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  7. hcnd06a Senior Member

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    Right, I meant public not in the sense of being government-owned but in the sense that they are not in people's homes. People often take care of other people's kids in their homes, but I think "day care center" calls to mind a more formal place.
  8. Alejandroap New Member

    Explaining what the ICBF (Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar Familiar) is, is beyond the goal of a single threat as it carries functions of the ministry social services, CAS and Ministry of education (its a huge governmental institution in Colombia). However, I hope to clarify the role of a Madre Comunitaria. They are not foster parents, as the do not assume the total care of the children. In some cases they don't even deal with children at risk. Most of the time they are just women in the community who look after the children while their parents go for work (usually single mothers who required the help to move forward). Its quite an interesting system that people came up with to support each other. On top of that they get some help from the ICBF, like food, ludic materials, money or training. As you may imagine already they usually perform their duties in their own homes and sometimes are supervised by professionals from the ICBF that droop by to ensure the funds are being used properly.

    All this just to say that I don't really know how to translate the term. I would say community daycare worker.

    For more information on ICBF go to https://www.icbf.gov.co/icbf/directorio/portel/libreria/php/03..html
  9. Danielmx New Member

    hello, this is my suggestion:
    There are eight daycare houses which are run by Bienestar Familiar (Family Well-Being). They are located at the house of each community mother(
    babysitter), who is in charge of taking care of up to 12 neighborhood children from 0 to 6 years of age and shares her own house with them.
    I hope it helps.

  10. evitap Senior Member

    I've been translating madres comunitarias into English for NGOs as 'community mothers' for some years now and it seems to be right. As for hogar infantil I use childcare center.

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