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    As far as I know (my very limited Hungarian knowledge), hogy has also the meaning of what, for example hogy is hivják = what`s his name/ hogy vagy = what are you doing/how are you getting on? /how are you?
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    I learned that usually when you ask "hogyan" you'll get an answer with an adverb (which in English would equal to an adverb that ends by "ly").

    Hogyan sétáltál? = How did you walk?
    Gyorsan! = Fastly!


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    Both hogy and hogyan usually mean How, and in most cases both are possible, though hogy is more common.
    e.g.: Hogy csináltad? = How did you do it?
    Hogy/Hogyan ismerkedtetek meg? = How did you first meet?

    Both words usually require some adverb as an answer, not just hogyan.
    I may be wrong, but I would suggest you use hogy in all situations. It sounds more natural, and you can't make a mistake.

    There are certain expressions where you can't use hogyan, only hogy:
    Hogy vagy? = How are you?
    Hogy hívják a kutyádat? = What's your dog called?

    The question word Milyen suggests an adjective in the reply.
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