Hoja de Inspección de Insumos


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I'm translating forms for a laboratory from Spanish to English. It's for their Quality Assurance area. They use this form titled "Hoja de Inspección de Insumos" which I'm translating as "Supplied Materials Examination Sheet", given that "inspection" means something different in this context (a third party review, as I understand it).

In this form they record the information of purchased substances and packaging materials, the results of the quality tests they perform on these items/substances, information of their suppliers, and the decision to release or reject each batch of materials.

Because it comes from good manufacturing practice I believe there is a commonly used name for this type of document, but I can't seem to find it. I understand that in this context "Supplies Inspection Sheet" is also inadequate.

Thank you for your help.

*edit: maybe "Incoming Materials Test Report"? I'm still not sure...
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    Hola Raz0rmaid ...

    "Insumos" definitivamente son "inputs" y Hoja de Inspeccion es "Inspection Sheet."
    Pero "Inputs Inspection Sheet" ... no me suena bien, puede que me equivoque pero no me suena natural. Espera a ver si alguien familiarizado con ese tipo de documentos aparece por el foro y te da una mano.

    Angélica :)


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    My own search took me to audit worksheet/checklist, but I haven't been able to find anything specific so as to supplies or new material.